For the first time, they carry out an LGBT Pride march in Metepec

For the first time, it was LGBT pride parade in Metepec, Mexico state. There were around 500 people who made up the rainbow-painted collective, which toured the main avenues of this town.

During this journey, the attendees carried posters and sang slogans in favor of the LGBT community and their rights. They emphasized that it is necessary for the local Congress to approve the equality marriage in the entity.

As reported in The Truth NewsInternationally, June is known as LGBT Pride month, so marches are held to make members of sexual diversity visible throughout the world. In Mexico, the march organized in Mexico City is considered the most important in the country.

Support in the LGBT Pride march

For the first time, they carry out an LGBT Pride march in Metepec

Approximately 500 people attended this march

During this first LGBT Pride march in Metepec, allegorical cars could be seen accompanying the tour, as well as people dressed in the colors of the rainbow, whose flag waved through the streets of this municipality.

It should be noted that this mobilization had the support of the local council. In addition, the attendees also asked that the authorities take measures to respect the identity rights of trans children and adolescents in the state. They also requested that there be training for public servants on these issues, so that they do not violate the rights of the LGBT community.

Previously, LGBT Pride marches were held in several states of the Republic, in fact, in Jalisco a woman who attended this event drew a lot of attention with a sign indicating that she was offering “hugs from mom” for those attendees who were rejected by their families because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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Collective wedding for LGBT Pride month

For the first time, they carry out an LGBT Pride march in Metepec

Only 27 states allow same-sex marriage in Mexico

As is known, Mexico City took advantage of this month of LGBT Pride to organize collective weddings. However, it is worth clarifying that in Mexico, same-sex marriage is only allowed in 27 states.

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