«For the other they call Kenita»: signature of Parisi and graphologist generated wave of reactions

A curious situation occurred in the middle of an interview with Franco Parisi in the morning With you in the morning.

From Alabama, United States, the presidential letter from the People’s Party spoke with Julio César Rodríguez and Monserrat Álvarez, who asked him various questions about his personal and political life.

It was in this context that Monse introduced the graphologist Carolina Ilabaca, who analyzed the candidate’s signature printed on a sheet of paper.

In a short video, the expert explained that “these two ascending strokes (of the letter F) are her goals. He always sets very high goals, even higher than he can really handle. The point indicates how suspicious he is and the protection of his private life.

«The second part of the signature is this big hook (of the letter P) called ‘the cat’s claw’, which is very typical of people who are jealous of what they do, therefore they will always see that it defends itself until death, “he warned.

«Here we see the more composed signature where this cat’s claw stands out and begins to form like the flight of a bird. Always be looking at where you want to go. These lines here indicate that he is very good at speaking, the gift of the word as they say is quite convincing, but along the way it is diluted. Look how this final line decays, “he added.

“Do not take it seriously”

Finally, as a “summary”, Ilabaca argued that Franco Parisi “is a narcissistic person. ‘I’m still the smartest, the most capable, and they believe in me.’

Asked about this analysis, the commercial engineer chose to respond briefly. “I take it as a humorous thing, something nice, but you don’t have to take so much opinion seriously. Well, nice, “he said.

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