For the worst dish, Alan Ibarra is eliminated from MasterChef Celebrity

MasterChef Celebrity seized tradition and flavors of Mexican gastronomy in the kitchen this Sunday, September 18, but this meant a greater challenge for some participants whose preparation did not convince the judges and this was the case of Alan Ibarra who left the competition.

It should be noted that the celebration for the Independence of Mexico became an inspiration for the participants and the typical dishes were part of the challenges, although simple, once again demonstrated the greatness of the national cuisine and the reason why the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) recognized it as intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

That is why during the first challenge Macky González demonstrated her talent as a captain and triumphed alongside Marcelo Lara and Talina Fernández, which is why she left behind the controversy after her intense fight with chefs Betty Vázquez, José Ramón Castillo and Pablo Albuerne, something which earned him strong criticism on social networks.

The challenge of salvation in MasterChef Celebrity

Allan Ibarra

Allan Ibarra

On the other hand, the challenge of salvation marked a before and after in the MasterChef Celebrity reality show due to the poor performance of the participants in their preparation of tamales, for this reason it was repeated but it cost the Magneto singer his permanence:

“All the teachings of each one of you remain in my heart, MasterChef gave me one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever had in my life. Thank you all because you have filled me with love.”

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The eliminated from reality

Judges and host of Masterchef Celebrity

Judges and host of Masterchef Celebrity

It should be noted that until now Verónica del Castillo, Ernesto D’Alessio, Julio Camejo, Carmen Campuzano and Alan Ibarra have abandoned the most famous cuisine in Mexico after their dishes did not conquer the palates of the chefs, but there is still a doubt between fans since for the third time in a row Nadia was absent.

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