Ford unveils an impressive Mustang, but forgets its electric version

After weeks of teasing, Ford has unveiled the seventh generation of its cult Mustang. This marks the brand’s return to motor racing, but is surprising in the absence of electrification.

The Ford Mustang Mach-e will have been only a parenthesis in the great history of the iconic model from Dearborn. Indeed, the new Mustang that Ford has just presented at the Detroit show is a pony everything classic. Translate: without battery, and that makes a lot of noise. The main change of this 7ᵉ generation is aesthetic with an even more aggressive and sporty design than the previous version.

The American coupé obviously takes up the lines traced by its 1964 predecessor. Although the aesthetics are more modern, the Mustang remains recognizable at a glance. Changes, on the other hand, there are many in the passenger compartment. The digital cockpit offers a customizable dual screen, much more advanced connectivity than on the previous version with the SYNC 4 system and even remote updates. The driver will therefore have a 12.4-inch instrument screen in front of him, the appearance of which will change depending on the driving mode selected. This will be completed in the center of the dashboard by a second 13.2-inch screen slightly inclined towards the driver. This will be devoted to infotainment functions.

The new interior is much more modern.

Why would you want to change a good recipe?

Ford – Coup de coeur for the coupe convertible version.

This modernization in the style and in the interior equipment did not continue in terms of motorization. Indeed, the new Mustang is based on a traditional V8 engine whose power has not been communicated, but which should be around 500 hp. This will be mated to either a 6-speed manual or a 10-speed automatic transmission. No need to look for a battery, however, except for a major change from Ford, this Mustang will not be available in a hybrid version and even less in an electric version.

This announcement, which might seem somewhat anachronistic in view of the very electric orientation of the market, is ultimately not so surprising. Indeed, since 2014, the date of its launch, the success of the 6ᵉ generation of the Mustang has not been denied. Last year, and for the second consecutive year, the yet dated model came in second place among the best-selling sports cars in the world. Ford therefore had every reason to bet on a probable, last thermal version before definitively turning the page. Whether or not we validate the commercial strategy of the American manufacturer, this does not prevent us from regretting an electric version of this racing beast.

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