Ford unveils E-Tourneo Custom, 100% electric and up to 8 seats

Ford Pro has unveiled the new 100% electric van E-Tourneo Customthe top of the range for the van market dedicated to passenger transport; E-Tourneo Custom is built on a new generation platform designed specifically for this market segment, and is driven by a 100% electric power train coupled with a battery capable of delivering up to 370km range with a single charge.

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The Ford E-Tourneo Custom is under production at the Ford factory in Kocaeli, Turkey, with first deliveries expected in mid 2023: the electric van of the blue oval will be able to boast several top-of-the-class features, such as the configuration system of the modular seats based on binaries, le electric side doors with hands-free opening, the Bang & Olufsen sound system, the digital key which allows you to access the van using your smartphone, the panoramic roof glass and much more.

Hidden along the floor of the vehicle we have a 74kWh battery which uses the same cell technology used in the Ford F-150 Lightning, while the 160 kW electric motor (214 horsepower) is designed to offer comfort and performance, even in riding mode One Pedal which avoids the use of the brake and makes driving even more fluid and relaxing.

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The battery can be recharged in alternating current up to 11 kW, or in direct current up to 125 kW: in this second case they are needed 41 minutes to recharge the battery pack 15 to 80%, while in just 5 minutes you can add 38 km of autonomy. For those on board, however, Ford has thought of technology Pro Power Onboard: in the passenger compartment there are several electrical outlets with a maximum power of 2.3 kW designed to power various digital devices, camping or sports equipment.

In addition to the 100% electric version, Ford will offer the Tourneo Custom in a version with all-wheel drive with heat enginesuseful for those who use it in adverse weather conditions or for those who want to venture even where there is no more asphalt.

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