Forecast: Weather in NRW: Cold remains – warning of slippery roads

The weather will also be frosty in the next few days, and rain will also fall. In high altitudes, the first snow can fall on Saturday night.

In the coming days, NRW will hang in a “low pressure swamp”: Temperatures are frosty, rain is falling, and snow can even fall at high altitudes in the mountains, according to the German Weather Service (DWD) in Essen.

Of the Friday stays cool, temperatures on the Rhine and Ruhr rise to a maximum of 7 degrees Celsius, in the mountains to freezing point. “In the course of the day a cold front moves from the northwest over North Rhine-Westphalia,” said Jana Beck from the DWD in Essen on Thursday. It brings drizzle or rain, “but not very much,” says Beck.

Weather service warns of ground frost on Saturday morning

At night too Saturday the next front is close by, which will bring rain again. Combined with possible ground frost, the DWD warns of slippery roads for Saturday morning.

Even on Saturday it would be cloudy to overcast during the day, although the sun could show up every now and then. It hardly gets warmer than 6 degrees, in the mountains the maximum temperatures level off around freezing point. At altitudes over 400 or 500 meters, the precipitation may trickle as snow from the sky. At the DWD, however, you only expect “a little” snow – and on Thursday it was still uncertain whether it would stay there for a long time.

There’s rain or snow on Sundays too

Also the Sunday stay gray and possibly white at high altitude thanks to the first snow. On the Rhine and Ruhr, temperatures of up to 4 degrees Celsius are expected, and temperatures around freezing point again in the mountains. New precipitation is spreading, says the DWD. Even the night too Monday be very cloudy to overcast. Again, isolated snow or sleet are expected, locally also with fog. Temperatures drop at night to -2 degrees in the lowlands, and down to -4 degrees in high altitudes. So on Monday morning, too, the motto is: watch out for slippery roads!

When looking into the coming weeks, according to the DWD on Thursday, there is still no uniform picture. Everything is possible, says Jana Beck: It could stay frosty or get a little warmer: “The weather models are still completely at odds.” (dae)

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