Foreigner was ‘pepeado’ by a woman he met on networks: “They stole almost 30 thousand dollars from me” | VIDEO

An Argentine citizen was “pepeado” by a woman he met on social networks. The victim had invited the female to her home located in Jesús María, a situation that she took advantage of to take valuables and cash. The stolen amounts to 30 thousand dollars.

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According to Good Morning Peru, the event occurred on May 30. The victim said that that day they first went to the supermarket to buy some drinks and snacks. Then they entered her house, where the woman who called herself Jazmín Rivera Chavez took advantage of an oversight to put a sleeping pill in the foreigner’s soft drink.

“It was the first time he went to my house. (…) I wake up after being drugged, because they drugged me to steal all the things from my house”, counted. He was unconscious for about 24 hours, during which time two Rolex watches and $1,000 in cash, among other valuables, were taken.

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“One (of the watches is valued) at $15,000 and the other at $9,000. More or less the amount of what was stolen is approximately 30 thousand dollars “, he pointed.

According to the victim, the woman not only took money and valuables, but also the glass where she had been drinking to avoid leaving fingerprints. In addition, she left her cell phone chip so that they could not track her down.

After noticing the robbery, the Argentine reported the incident to the Police and investigated on his own as he did not have a response from the authorities. He revealed that the name that the woman gave him does not appear in the Reniec and her cell phone number is not registered either.

“The phone number does not register any names. How telephone companies in these times do not register names. She is a professional at this. Everything that I have been able to find out has been on my own, ”she pointed out.

On the other hand, he denounced the lack of action by the authorities to find the scammer. “They have done absolutely nothing. The prosecutor has not yet taken a witness statement from me in order to provide data. Here nobody pays attention to anything, this is no man’s land. The authorities do not know they are absent. If the prosecutor himself does not respect the victim, the others are less likely to commit to collaborating with justice”, he indicated.


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