Forest biologists: Protected forest is felled on the county border between Jämtland and Västernorrland

According to the natural value inventory, 18 areas of natural forest worthy of protection on the border between Jämtland and Västernorrland counties have either been felled or reported for felling by SCA. The inventory, which was done on a non-profit basis, has been sent to the company DNV, which this week begins an audit to see how SCA lives up to the certification.

In Dysjöberget in Ånge municipality, a 43-hectare area has been notified for felling, a large part of which has already been felled. The area is located near a nature reserve. This is a natural forest worthy of protection that should be allowed to remain, states Sebastian Kirppu, who previously worked for forest companies and authorities and who is now an expert with involvement in the association Protect the Forest..

The inventory: 200-year-old pine trees were cut down

– Here it has been natural forest for several centuries, says Sebastian Kirppu.

There are several findings that show that this is an old, naturally rejuvenated (not planted) forest, with high biological diversity, for example chalk poring and coal tick. Sebastian Kirppu shows a couple of specimens and he also shows stumps in the clearing which, according to him, testify that over 200-year-old pines were felled there.

The nature conservation snipes in the felling-notified area in Dysjöberget are laughable, forest biologist Sebastian Kirppu believes, because they mark that individual trees should be allowed to remain in a natural forest area that should be completely saved. Photo: Marie Selander, SVT.

– If you look at SCA’s nature care labels, it says “SCA – Care of life”, says Sebastian Kirppu and laughs. They have intended to cut down the most living thing we have in our forests, the natural forest and its biological diversity.

He continues:

– But it is not only SCA that does this, but also other large forest companies and they are now felling the last remnants of natural forest from Värmland and north. The large forest companies should have better knowledge of what is in the forests.

Little natural forest left

Today, only between ten and fifteen percent of old forest – natural forest – remains in the whole of Sweden, according to the Riksskogtaxeringen. The greater part consists of forest close to the mountains. There are smaller areas of unprotected natural forests scattered elsewhere and it is these forest companies and forest owners who are now systematically felling, says forest biologist Sebastian Kirppu.

SCA refutes the criticism and announces that no forest worthy of protection has been felled.

Hear more about this and see what it looks like in Dysjöberget, one of the current areas.

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