Forest fires in northern Spain continue to get out of control

In northern Spain, firefighters continued to fight wildfires that have not yet been contained. A total of around 1,000 residents of twelve smaller towns in the autonomous community of Navarra had to leave their homes because of the approaching flames and heavy smoke. They were accommodated in emergency shelters, as the newspaper “Noticias de Navarra” reported, citing the authorities.

AP/Miguel Oses

Temperatures are falling again

The situation is most difficult because of the constantly changing winds in the Sierra de El Perdon mountain range and in Gallipienzo, around 20 kilometers south of Pamplona. However, the situation is slowly improving as the heat wave of the past few days has passed and temperatures have fallen below 30 degrees in many places.

The worst fire in the Sierra de la Culebra mountain range not far from the border with Portugal in the north-west of the country could be extinguished, according to the information. However, 25,000 hectares of charred forest areas remained. For the already sparsely populated region, the economic consequences are immense.

Hot spells are becoming more frequent in Spain, coming earlier and more intensely. The absolute record was measured last August in Montoro in Andalusia: 47.4 degrees. Experts attribute this development to man-made climate change and expect even higher temperatures in the future.

Up to 40 degrees in Greece

A heat wave is also emerging in Greece. After heavy and unseasonal rainfall in parts of Greece, temperatures across the country will rise to as high as 40 degrees. The heat should therefore last at least until the weekend. Doctors recommend wearing light-colored, lightweight clothing and drinking plenty of water, but avoiding alcohol. The fire brigade, in turn, urges caution: the risk of forest fires is increasing.

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