Forge Halo: Videos Reveal Huge Weapon Mod Possibilities

While Halo Infinite Season 2 is in full swing, part of the 343 Industries team is preparing the two big pieces that are due out this year: co-op mode and Forge mode. And it is a video of this last mode that comes to us and which presents possibilities of very interesting weapon modifications.

Mixes of weapon properties for various combinations

As a reminder, the release of Halo Infinite’s cooperative mode is scheduled for the end of August, but it will be available in beta from July for Halo Insiders members.

The Forge mode will be available at the end of the year, but an open beta will be available in September. If you don’t know Forge yet, let’s remember that it is a sandbox mode introduced in Halo 3 and allowing you to create your own maps and game modes, then share them with the whole world.

At the beginning of the year, many videos of Forge mode had been broadcast on the web and others have just arrived with a particular focus on the combinations of effects on weapons. A glitch made it possible to achieve this on Halo 5, but the one who shares the video today specifies that it is now a feature implemented automatically.

Note however that even if the chances are high that it will be available in Forge, this function was made available during the second Flight of Halo Infinite, and that the developers could always decide to remove these options. As long as the mode is not released, things can still evolve.

The video shows that with the help of combinations of effects, weapons in Halo Infinite can become completely different. We thus see an assault rifle which explodes vehicles or another weapon transformed into gravity gun capable of moving all the objects in the game. Enough to imagine all sorts of modes, each crazier than the other, provided that these possibilities are still there for the exit of the mode. See you in the fall.

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