Former big promise Anita Korva disappeared from the public eye – lost her temper after the military, now she is hesitant about the future

What happened to the length promise Anita Korva? Now the 22-year-old, who did not compete at all last year, reveals that she has repeatedly considered quitting after a difficult year as a conscript. “It does not support the elite investment in any way to be in the woods for a week and try to learn new things,” Korva admits to Yle Urheilu.

– This was my choice and I am happy with it, Anita Korva confirmed when Sportliv joined her voluntary military service at the Kainuu Brigade a couple of years ago.

Before the army, Korva had become known as a blue and white long distance promise after medal successes in two straight junior WCs. In the next JVM, in 2020, she lined up modest placements 34, 34 and 44 and when she finished her service in the spring of the same year, she admitted that her motivation had waned.

Since then, it has been pretty quiet around Korva. One and a half years later, she gives a status report for Yle Sports.

– When you look back on the army year, it was a challenging time as a whole. If you sleep a night’s sleep of two hours, it is unnecessary to then do a running session. Everyone understands that that sleep is not enough for recovery and that the training afterwards has no effect, says the skier.

– It does not support the elite investment in any way to be in the woods for a week and try to learn new things. Man always wonders what it would have been like if he had chosen differently at some stage. I still have no feelings of remorse.

Approaching a comeback?

Korva does not hide that she has considered quitting – several times. The first time she experienced a mental barrier was during the summer training in Vuokatti last year.

– I had been tired for a very long time. Running felt bad every day. I simply told my boyfriend that I can no longer bear, I can not lift one ski in front of the other. I was so exhausted physically.

– It was a turning point for me when he said that you do not have to do this, that we can go home instead. I never used to do that, instead I forced myself through the workouts. That time we went home instead, Korva remembers.

Last year was an intermediate year for her. The 22-year-old did not compete at all, but in the winter the training did not start to feel impossible anymore.


Korva now admits that the military was not optimal for her elite investment.

Photo: Mikael Oivo / Yle

The dream of Beijing has been scrapped and Korva was poked from the A to B national team. She has not replaced former personal trainer Olli Ohtonen with a new one.

– Last winter I started training voluntarily as the thought no longer felt as scary. I can not train as before, but now I have still found interest in training and competing. No strong glow, but a curiosity, says Korva.

Now the idea is that she will make a competition comeback in connection with the Finnish Cup’s season premiere in Vuokatti on November 6-7. But otherwise, much about Korva’s future is uncertain – she can not predict, for example, whether her career will continue after the coming season.

– It is difficult to predict. You change so fast. I will definitely not stop skiing, but you will see how hard I bet in the spring. Then I have to make an honest assessment.

– It does not help to be depressed. That I am where I am depends entirely on my own choices.

The text is an edited translation of Yle Urheilu’s article “Skier Anita Korva, who has been in the dark for more than 1.5 years, is open about her situation – the idea of ​​the Olympics has already been buried, the continuation of her career at stake”, written by Atte Husu.

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