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Former Colo Colo goalkeeper puts all his chips on Fabián Castillo: “He has tremendous quality”

In addition, Juan Castillo recalled what his time at the Cacique was like in the 2011 season and filled Brayan Cortés with praise.

Juan Castillo puts all his chips to Fabián Castillo in Colo Colo.
© UNO Agency and Guillermo Salazar.Juan Castillo puts all his chips to Fabián Castillo in Colo Colo.

Juan Castillo arrived in Colo Colo in the 2011 season with a great poster after being selected for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, however, he had an uneventful step and his stay only lasted one year.

In conversation with the DirecTV Sports program De Fútbol Se Habla Así, the former goalkeeper He remembered his time at the Caciquehe put all your chips to Fabián Castillo to break it in the Monumental Stadium and praised Brian Cortes.

He remembers his time in Colo Colo with affection

In the first instance, the former goalkeeper stated that “I have very nice memories of the club. It was a great opportunity to defend the biggest team in Chile. The feeling that she had It was like defending the Chilean National Team, there were fans everywhere“.

Along the same line, El Indio indicated that “in a big team like Colo Colo it will always cost a little moreyou have to have personality and know how to carry that backpack and what it represents”.

He puts all his chips to Fabián Castillo

Later, he referred to the arrival of the Colombian winger and maintained that “he made his debut with me at Deportivo Cali, It has a tremendous quality, it has unevenness. Wait that in Colo Colo it can make a difference, I think so, passing the games they will realize“.

Finally, Castillo filled Cortés with flowers and stated that “I love it, I like his style, he has a lot of personality. Hopefully he follows in the footsteps of Claudio Bravo. Bravo for me in the last 10 years he is one of the best goal-scorers in the world”.

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