Former legislative candidate Taha Bouhafs accused of sexual violence, LFI opens an investigation

The former candidate for the legislative elections Taha Bouhafs is the target of several testimonies denouncing sexual harassment and sexual violence, reveal this Wednesday, May 11 BFM TV and Mediapart. A “procedure was immediately initiated within insubordinate France” given “the urgency of the situation”according to the political movement.

From his investiture to his withdrawal from the legislative elections, four stormy days for Taha Bouhafs

The journalist-activist, former candidate for the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) in the 14th district of the Rhône would be targeted by at least three internal testimonies, according to BFMTV. For its part, Mediapart refers to a report sent to LFI’s gender and sexual violence monitoring unit on May 7, the evening of the Nupes Convention in Aubervilliers, concerning alleged acts of sexual violence. Information confirmed by La France insoumise to “Obs”.

Feminist activist Caroline De Haas confides to the investigation site that she received in early May “two different testimonies, from people who do not know each other”. “These testimonies seemed serious and worrying enough to warn LFI”, she continues.

His candidacy withdrawn just after the accusations

According to our colleagues, Taha Bouhafs was confronted with these accusations on Monday. “He was told that due to the seriousness of the alleged facts, as a precautionary principle, and in accordance with the texts defining the principles of the movement, rebellious France could be led not to invest it”writes LFI in a press release consulted by “the Obs”.

During the night, he then announced that he was withdrawing his candidacy in a press release, because of the cyberbullying and racism to which he was subjected. “Every day, a new slander, a new insult, a new death threat, a new accusation. […] I would have liked to hold on, I would have liked to make you proud. […] Keep fighting. For my part, I tried but I can’t do it anymore.he had written.

On May 11, Idir Boumertit, one of the deputies of the dissident PCF mayor of Vénissieux, Michèle Picard, was invested in his place.

Bouhafs “accepts the process of welcoming speech”

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Taha Bouhafs spoke in Mediapart about this case. “I was already exhausted, the report was the last straw that led me to withdraw. This is part of the slander mentioned in my press release.he said.

Before continuing: “I deeply believe in the political fight against violence against women and accept the process of welcoming speech. I consider that any person subject to accusation must withdraw from public life pending the verification of this statement. What I decided to do. I am not aware of any other alerts. »

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