Former senior commanders of the Navy reject and repudiate Foreign Minister Béjar’s statements

A group of former top commanders of the Peruvian Navy expressed their rejection and repudiation of the statements of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Héctor Béjar, who linked this institution of the Armed Forces with the beginning of terrorism in the country. In a statement, the signatories criticized the appointment as Chancellor of a “sentenced for the crime of sedition.”

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“Our rejection of these offensive statements, for being defamatory and offensive to the honor and dignity of the Peruvian Navy (Navy) as well as against the relatives and relatives of the members of the Institution who sacrificed their lives in defense of democracy and of the Homeland and that have been recognized by the country as heroes of the National Pacification ”, the letter reads.

“Our repudiation of Minister Béjar, who, evidencing his Marxist communist ideology, intends to change history, formulating these accusations irresponsibly, when, on the contrary, the Navy was one of the institutions that had the most participation in the fight against terrorism, that so much damage, destruction and death caused in our country and whose remnants are still affecting the peace of our country in the VRAEM area ”, adds the statement.

The document also asks the Minister of Defense, Walter Ayala, to publicly reject these statements as they affect “the image and honor of the Navy, an Institution that is part of the National Defense System, under his direct responsibility.”

The document bears the signatures of the following retired vice admirals: Julio Pacheco Concha Hubner, Óscar Anderson Noriega, Óscar Jahnsen Raygada, Alfredo Arnaiz Ambrosiani, Víctor R. Ramos Ormeño, Luis Vargas Caballero Cooban, Alfredo Palacios Dongo, José Noriega Lores, Jorge Ampuero Trabucco, Eduardo Darcourt Adrianzén, Jorge Montoya Manrique, José Aste Daffos, Carlos Gamarra Elías, Rolando Navarrete Salomón, Jorge De la Puente Ribeyro, José Cueto Aservi, Carlos Tejada Mera, Edmundo Deville Del Campo, Jorge Moscoso Flores, José Paredes Lora , Gonzalo Ríos Polastri, Fernando CerdánRuiz, Ricardo Menéndez Calle.

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