Formula 1 has become like driving a regular car for Kimi Räikkönen – gets a bigger adrenaline rush from motocross: “Can be more scary”

Is it possible to replace the kick you get from competing in Formula 1? For Kimi Räikkönen, there will be no problems as he will soon retire. Formula 1 is very normal for us, he says.

Kimi Räikkönen’s Formula 1 career is in the final stages. Only six races remain to be run before he hangs up his helmet for good.

After 19 seasons in motorsport’s king class, it’s time for Räikkönen to do something else as the fast Formula 1 cars no longer give a big kick.

– It is very normal what we are doing, at least for me. I have been doing this for so long that it does not differ much from driving a regular car.

– If you have fights or drive off in the wrong place, you can feel the speed, but there are other things I do that in many ways are more scary, says Räikkönen in an interview on F1’s website.


Kimi Räikkönen has six races left to run in her F1 career.

Bild: imago images/Marco Canoniero/ All Over Press

Räikkönen is a true motocross enthusiast and he points out that that sport now gives him a bigger adrenaline rush.

– I try to drive when I have the opportunity and often it can be more scary than this. Formula 1 is very normal for us, he says.

If Räikkönen completes the entire season, he will extend his record in the number of GP starts to 349. First up is the US GP in Austin on Sunday.

– I have fond memories of this. This is where I took my latest victory and it is a nice memory, says Räikkönen about the triumph in 2018.

In Sunday’s race, Räikkönen still has no chance of taking another victory.

– We have to do everything very well if we are to get something from the competition, and everything starts on Friday. In the last two races, the weather has affected a lot, now we will see how it will be here and what location we can take, he says.

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