Fortnite: 3 cool squid game maps that you should try – with map code

Squid Game has also made waves in Fortnite and that in the form of creative maps. That’s why we’re showing you 3 of the coolest maps on which you can experience the deadly mini-games from the Squid game universe. You can also find out how to use the codes here.

What kind of games are they? Fortnite offers players the opportunity to design their own worlds in creative mode. These can be:

You have the opportunity to enter the code of a map in Fortnite and then let off steam on the map.

Creative mode maps in Fortnite – where to enter the map code?

You need a 12-digit code, which is created when creating a map. You then simply enter this on a portal and wait until it has generated the selected world.

How to enter a code for creative mode in Fortnite?

  • Go to creative mode
  • Run to a crack
  • Hold down your button to interact
  • Then you can enter your desired code and load the island
Here you have to interact to enter the code

“Red light, green light” – Code 6796-5852-0804

On this map you spawn in a large field. Your task is to reach the tomato head as fast as you can, but watch out: it turns around as soon as the traffic light changes to red.

If the traffic light turns green, you have free travel. Still, don’t be so cocky. If you move while your head is turning and the light is on red, you will die.

Do not move otherwise you are dead

“The tug of war” – Code 0652-7985-6622

The well-known tug of war. Here is your task to defeat the other team in a tug of war. You take a place next to your rope and wait until all other players have positioned themselves. Then you have to press the button that is set for you to “drag” as quickly and often as possible.

The team that manages to get the orange block wins. The other team is dying.

This is about tactics, not muscle strength

“The Glass Bridge” – Code 2865 1481 0812

This game is all about luck. There are two bridges in front of you. These are equipped with glass plates. You have the choice of choosing the right or left bridge and then jumping onto one of the two plates. To explain, one of the two panes of glass is made of bulletproof glass, the other made of normal glass.

If you decide on the wrong plate, in this case the normal pane of glass, then you break through the glass and are out of the game. Only the player who made it to the end of the glass bridge alive wins.

Exciting and detailed atmosphere

All maps presented here have been created with great attention to detail. Players who are enthusiastic about this series will have fun here. If you don’t know the series, you can still play these games and have fun. It is varied and shows you a different world compared to the sweaty Battle Royal island.

What do you think of the maps? Have you already tried them and do they get close to the series? Let us know what you think of it.

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