Fortnite and Among Us: supercollaboration coming? Here’s what’s going on

Epic Games recently published a request for collaboration with InnerSloth, indie house that gave birth to Among Us. The reason for this announcement of intent should be precisely Fortnite.

A few weeks ago Fortnite had introduced a new game mode called “impostor”Which really had a lot of similarities to the Among Us gameplay. The InnerSloth authors themselves had been annoyed by Epic Games’ attitude, but it seems that now the situation is very calm and more collaborative. Fortnite developers admitted they took inspiration from Among Us for the impostor mode and have contacted InnerSloth on social networks proposing a collaboration.

We are not aware of what is in the pipeline between the two development houses; at the moment we only know that they may have agreed first via DM on Twitter and later via official channels, to produce who knows what. We are most likely witnessing the birth of a new one crossover in both products: maybe Among Us crewmates and imposters will become part of the Fortnite universe as skin, and vice versa Among Us could adopt cosmetic elements from the Epic Games game. If, on the other hand, there is something bigger in the pipeline, we still cannot know.

While we wait to discover news on the front of this collaboration between Among Us and Fortnite, we remind you that Among Us arriverà a breve su PS4, PS5, Xbox One e Xbox Series X|S with extended multiplayer support up to 15 players. In the meantime, the Halloween celebrations have already started on Fortnite with several exclusive contents to be unlocked from day to day, including skins inspired by the monsters of the Universal films.

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