Fortnite: Epic celebrates huge event at the end of Chapter 2

“The end” is here! So don’t worry, the earth continues to turn, of course, it doesn’t mean the end of the world. That’s what the most popular one is for Battle Royale Fortnite properly to the point. Chapter 2 is approaching its finale with great strides and therefore it is touching Epic Games neatly the advertising drum.

With a unique event if you want to celebrate the end of the chapter and therefore invite all interested players. The starting shot will be given on Saturday December 4th at 10 p.m., but you can already log in 30 minutes beforeso that nothing goes wrong. Who the events around the Dice queen and who had followed Convergence, the furious finale should of course not be missed.

Fortnite: This is what awaits you in the finale of Chapter 2

As already mentioned, this is a unique event that will not return upon completion and cannot be repeated either. If you want to keep the memory, you should start the recording program in good time. In terms of content, we haven’t revealed too much about “Das Ende” so far, except that you “the corruption of the tipping world” as well as fight the queen of the dice.

Participation is definitely worth it, because anyone who attends the final will get one special loading screen and a unique paint job donated. Who is before the end of the season at Fortnite (buy now 34,41 €) logs in, also gets whole 225,000 experience points given.

Before the end of Chapter 2, there is still a lot to do for you anyway: Complete remaining assignments, for example, Collect rewards or output them. Because all Battle Stars not redeemed by you will automatically be exchanged for the earliest available rewards at the end of the season.

In terms of experience points, apart from the login bonus already mentioned, there is quite a final spurt: Vom November 27th at 1am to November 29th at 1pm namely finds that “Turbo Level Up” weekend instead, which will give you an extremely efficient XP boost.

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