Fortnite: Patch Notes for Update 10/21 – that changes this time

That’s what Fortnite stands for Update 21.10 as download ready. Epic Games installed the new patch within a downtime: the battle royale shooter went temporarily offline this morning. The patch notes are now available. The developers announce on their website which changes and innovations are pending with the current update. “Darth Vader started his mission on the island and ends up in every match with his stormtroopers at a certain point on the island,” the makers write in the patch notes. If you defeat Darth Vader, you can pick up his lightsaber and use it to saber across the island The advantage: With the lightsaber you can deflect shots and hurl them back at your opponents.

Blaster rifles are back

They sweep along with the stormtroopers E-11 Blaster Rifles return. You bag the guns in Imperial chests at Darth Vader’s landing sites. Alternatively, you can get them from eliminated stormtroopers. The 21.10 update also added all of this season’s superlevel styles. Reaching at least level 140 in Chapter 3 unlocks the Platinum Rift, Blue Slurp, and Aura Glow styles for Malik, Evie, Adira, Sabina, and Stormwalker. Also new is the option of adding up to three social media tags to your profile so that other players can be seen on Twitter and the like. You add the tags via your profile in the game.

Social media tags in Fortnite

“As soon as you have at least one social media tag on your profile, you can send group invites to players with the same tags or receive group invites from players with the same tags (if they are in the same server region as you),” writes Epic Games in the patch notes for Fortnite (buy now €19.99) updated 21.10. The patch is rounded off by a balancing change on reality seedling. Reality Seedlings now grow three fruits each growth cycle when Uncommon or Rare; two fruits if epic; a fruit if legendary or mythical. The complete Patch notes can be found on the Epic Games website with this link.

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