Fortnite The End: Video Game by Epic Games announces the end of Chapter 2

The shows that he has given us Epic Games in recent years they have been of great magnitude. From concerts to trailer presentations. Now in Fortnite have announced that they will launch an event never seen before. This will be given to conclude Chapter 2 in which the video game has been developed.

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This final event of the season will be called The End. According to what Epic Games has said, it will be a denouement like the one the game deserves. This is because it will be a massive battle that will decide the fate of the video game.


Epic games never cease to amaze with everything they do. This new virtual Fortnite event seeks to reach records never seen before in the game. Due to its magnitude, if you want to participate, you have to register until December 4.

“Nothing will ever be the same” is the description that reads at the event. All the players who manage to participate will have to fight against the queen of the cube. This will be the gigantic end that the company plans to achieve.

This combat will have various groups of up to 16 people. Due to the number of people, Epic Games recommends connecting on time since the queues will be available 30 minutes before.

In addition, they have announced that there will be no replays of the event, so they will have to record or keep their game session. Also, you will not be able to make changes to the settings within the game.

Finally, Fortnite will give a reward to those who connect during these days with 225,000 PE. Finally, it is important that you finish the pending missions, since nothing will be preserved from this last season.


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