Fortnite: what’s new in Chapter 3 Season 4

Available since September 18, Season 4 of Fortnite Chapter 3 brings with it some new features. So it’s time to take stock of all the new content.

Several new features on the program

Chrome has taken over!

Players can defy the laws of physics and embrace Chrome in many ways. By throwing a Chrome Spray on structures built by enemies to make them penetrable or on oneself to become immune to damage for a limited time. While in liquefied form, players move faster, are immune to fall damage, and have the ability to do air dashes.

New places to explore

Chrome isn’t just invading commonplaces, it’s built a new hexagonal tower: The Herald’s Shrine. In their fear of Chrome, some places on the Island seek “safety” in the air. Condo Canyon is now an expanding POI called Cloudy Condos, only accessible via the Directional Thruster.

Chrome weapons and keys to success

The arrival of chrome prompted the creation of the EvoChrome Shotgun and the EvoChrome Burst Rifle. These weapons can be found in chrome chests and increase their level of rarity by inflicting damage on opponents.

Achievement keys have been scattered around the island, players must use them to open vaults containing loot! Low-security vaults open with one key, while high-security vaults require two.

The Pocket Bunker replaces the Pocket Fort this season. The Pocket Bunker creates a square structure with reinforced metal walls, a multipurpose ramp, doors, and defensive tires to repel attackers.

Battle Pass

Players will form electric teams by purchasing this season’s Battle Pass to enjoy Paradise and immediately unlock The Paradigm (reality 659). The pass also unlocks the outfits of Spider-Gwen, Fusio, Grriz, Miaourginale, Lennox Rose and Jumo.

Battle Royale and Zero Build modes aren’t the only places players earn XP for the Battle Pass, they’ll also have the ability to do so in select creator-made games!

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