Fortnite will have a power boost this weekend in the preview of The End that will close Season 8 of the Battle Pass

Epic Games officially announced, and leaked some information, about The End. This event means the end of season 8 of Fortnite, which will close to the Battle Pass with chapter 2. So, know all the details as date in which it will take place, schedule, transmission, how to access, the place where it begins and the characters that are going to be released.

First of all, according to what it reports MeriStation, The End of Fortnite season 8 will be on December 4. The Battle Pass of chapter 2 will arrive in our region in the late evening for the south of the continent and on the afternoon schedule for Central America and the Caribbean.

The End of Fortnite event times specified

  • Chhile, Argentina and Uruguay: 6:05 p.m.
  • Mexico: 3:05 p.m.
  • Panama, Colombia and Ecuador: 4:05 p.m.
  • Venezuela: 5:05 p.m.

The aforementioned portal details that just for participating in the event, each user will receive a loading screen and free wrapping. It is not yet known which ones specifically. Epic Games details that the game lists will be enabled half an hour before the reported times on December 4.

It is important to note that the repetitions will not be available when the event ends. That is, for those who want to see it again, they must record it or wait for someone to upload it to a social media platform.

The logins before the event will help you. Fortnite wants each of the players to level up for the majority to get all the rewards that will be offered in the Battle Pass. So, for every start, in the days before, every player will get 225,000 XP.

Do not forget, also, that from this weekend, between November 27 and 30 there will be a power surge every night. It will begin at 10:00 pm in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. While in Mexico and Central America it will be at 19:00.

Rubén Martínez, an expert in video games and part of the MeriStation team, tells us that El Contador will be activated in the event lobby.

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