Forza Motorsport: the multiplayer structure of the Race Weekends in the focus of Turn 10

Turn 10 shares new details on Race weekend of Forza Motorsport, one of the key components on which the Xbox Game Studios subsidiary is building the multiplayer scaffolding of the car simulator coming to PC and Xbox Series X / S in the spring of 2023.

In the now usual weekly update on the development of blockbuster racing, the curators of the social networks of Turn 10 turn to the many fans of the series to explain to them that “you asked us for deeper and more authentic multiplayer racing, and so we wanted to make your dream come true”.

After discussing a great gameplay novelty of Forza Motorsport in the previous post on Twitter, the American software house this time focuses on the structure of the multiplayer experience to confirm that “The new chapter of Forza Motorsport will focus on the growth of players’ skills and on the creation of a solid community: in the title we will therefore incorporate a multiplayer structure similar to Race weekendcomplete with free tests, qualifying sessions it’s a Feature Race.

Judging from what is explained by Turn 10, therefore, the starting grid of Forza Motorsport’s “professional” multiplayer races will be managed by a system not too dissimilar to that adopted by Feature Race of Formula One, and therefore with the drivers who will line up according to the qualifying times and the points assigned based on the placements.

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