Fouillioux goes crazy with him "21-1" of Colo Colo and puts him as champion

The Chilean soccer Superclassic stayed in Macul and Colo Colo starred in a tremendous and great game against Universidad de Chile, taking the match with a clear score of 3-1.

A triumph that serves to increase Gustavo Quinteros’ number of victories this season. In 22 games the Colocolino team only knows of one defeat, a figure that drove journalist Gonzalo Fouillioux crazy on TST.

“The performance of Colo Colo de Quinteros is incredible, they came to this match with a match lost from the last 20 they played. That is, of the last 21 matches they played, they lost one, a team that had been on the verge of relegation: the match with Cobresal in the Monumental “, he expressed.

He further added that, “It is true that the proper name is important, but the Colo Colo players have been greatly favored by how the team is playing as well. Obviously each player has their individual performance”.

To finish he said that, “A team that at some point played the game for not relegation, plays with this confidence, with this champion badge. There are many dates left, but Colo Colo has given authority blows to the Championship. In the game of the declaration the players are very in step by step, they do not want to overtake, but Colo Colo has given the Championship and several authority blows “.

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