Four police officers are charged with the murder of Breonna Taylor

On Thursday, the FBI arrested four police officers for their involvement in the death of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky.

Three of the officers are accused of knowingly providing false information to get through a search warrant that resulted in the shooting that killed Taylor. A fourth police officer is accused of using excessive force during the intervention.

Shot to death at home

According to testimony from Taylor’s boyfriend, who was in the apartment, she was reportedly sleeping in her home when three plainclothes officers entered her apartment shortly after midnight.

The officers claimed that the reason was an ongoing drug investigation and that they used the search warrant known as a “no knock warrant”. The police then allegedly fired several shots, of which a total of six hit Taylor, who died in his home. The incident caused a national debate and several large riots.

Hear more about the Breonna Taylor case in the clip below.

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Breonna Taylor’s death has both caused a stir and led to protests around the United States. Now a police officer has been charged. Photo: Drew Angerer, AFP

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