France: Air Algerie plane narrowly avoids collision in Lyon

Two planes narrowly avoided a collision at Lyon airport. This is what was revealed by the specialized site The Aviation Herald. It is an aircraft belonging to the national airline, Air Algérie. And another from the Dutch carrier KLM.

According to this same site, it is Air Algérie flight AH 1080, which was carried out by the latter around 10:18 a.m. to Lyon airport, from Oran. Indeed, this Air Algerie machine was about to begin its landing. And this, at the level of the runway of Saint Exupery airport in Lyon.

At the same time, on the same runway, another plane was preparing to take off for another flight to Amsterdam.

An Air Algerie plane narrowly avoids a collision at Lyon airport

In accordance with the BEA civil aviation safety investigation and analysis office. Progress reports, today September 19, a safety distance was not respected by the two planes. In a normal situation, this distance is mandatory for two aircraft on the same runway.

Moreover, during this incident which took place on September 5th. This same office reported that a loss of runway separation had occurred. Between these two planes which were about to take off and land at the same time.

Indeed, the Air Algérie plane, in particular a Boeing 737-800, positioned itself on the touchdown point of the runway when the KLM company plane crossed the end of the runway. In addition, you should know that the distance between the two machines is estimated at 1900 meters. And this, in accordance with the data of ADS-B.

Despite this failure to respect the safety distance, the damage was narrowly avoided by the two companies. However, investigations have been launched by the civil aviation safety investigation and analysis office, in particular the BEA.

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