France: an Algerian sentenced for domestic violence in Montpellier

In France, the average of women, aged between 18 and 75, who have suffered physical or sexual violence from their spouses is 213,000 women. And among the women killed by their companions, 35% were victims of previous violence.

Alarming figures that illustrate the silence of many women in this country. In the same vein, the regional daily Midi Libre shared the story of an Algerian family established in Montpellier, which suffered violence from the father of the family for 20 years.

This is Hocine, a 48-year-old Algerian national who shows violence towards his wife, but also towards his children.

Montpellier: an Algerian sentenced for violence against his family

For more than 20 years, this Algerian family has suffered violence from Hocine. And yet, they never dared to file a complaint against the latter. Moreover, the situation degenerated further last October. In particular, when Hocine tried to force his wife to return to Algeria, because of their complicated relationship.

Indeed, when the children tried to intervene to face the decision of their father, the latter kicked a computer, which ended up hitting the head of one of his daughters. This scene of violence does not stop there, Hocine even pushed his youngest daughter against a wall. A situation that finally prompted the mother, who locked herself in her bathroom, to call the police to arrest her.

Faced with the judge of the Montpellier court, this Algerian father did not deny the facts. But he justified himself by an overwork that he strongly impacted, during these last years, in particular following the death of his father. For their part, the children were traumatized, “He also tied my brother” testified one of Hocine’s two daughters, about their father, described as “domestic tyrant” by the court.

One year of imprisonment against the Algerian father

To put an end to the violent behavior of this Algerian father, the Montpellier court imposed a one-year prison sentence, including eight months suspended with continued detention. But also, the obligation to undergo training and care for two years.

In addition, the Montpellier court ordered the removal of Hocine and the prohibition of contact with his wife, as well as a withdrawal of parental authority. From now on, this Algerian must wear an anti-reconciliation bracelet, for a year, which will prevent him from getting closer to the family home.

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