France: Congress asked to censor the reform

France: Congress asked to censor the reform

France lives intense days of protests after the decree by which Emmanuel Macronpresident of the country, approved the pension reform and, amidst the tension, the Congress presented two motions of censure to the project.

After getting the approval in the upper house of parliament, the reform was discussed again in the lower house, where the majority of positive votes was still in doubt. Faced with possible rejection, the president decided to approve the measure last Thursday through an exceptional decree, based on article 49.3 that allows him to dispense with the legislative vote, which caused a disproportionate increase in protests.

The French population has demonstrated in the streets since then, and the entire country has been engulfed in protest. Blocked roads, closed schools and garbage accumulating in the streets due to the suspension of the waste collection service gave shape to the scenario that took over the streets on Friday.

With this panorama, two motions of censure were presented: one by the group of independent deputies LIOT and another by the far-right bloc of Marine Le Pen. Both motions will be voted on next Monday, and if approved, the reform would lose effect.

Previously, Macron went so far as to threaten to dissolve the Assembly elected in June in case the reform takes another path.

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