France deprived of Black Panther 2 at the cinema?

Will Disney really deprive French cinemas of a release of Black Panther 2? The entertainment giant brandishes a rather futile threat when we look at the rationale behind the media timeline.

Superhero movies are a hit all over the world. Those of DC Comics are a real success, despite the cancellation of Batgirl, but Marvel keeps the lead. The Disney company is counting on Disney+ to quickly distribute its feature films except in France where the media timeline favors our industry.

Faced with this imposed exit window, netflix reached a historic agreement. But Disney, still unhappy, wants to impose its conditions. His last push? Deprive French fans of Black Panther 2 by canceling its theatrical release. A threat that holds little ?

A historic deal between Netflix and the media timeline

Image 2: France deprived of Black Panther 2 at the cinema?
The first Black Panther made a lot of entries – Credit: Marvel Studios

The media chronology protects French creation for a richer offer. It allows the birth of productions that are not necessarily profitable with a wider choice offered to the viewer. Whether we like it or not, this system favors a necessary diversity. Otherwise, theaters would only offer American blockbusters.

A perfect balance envied by many countries in the world, such as Japan, which are trying to set up a similar system. The media chronology also makes it possible to bring to life thousands of people and stimulate our economy.

Recently, Netflix negotiated this famous timeline. Instead of a broadcast 36 months after the release of films in cinemas, the deadline increases to 12-17 months. In exchange, the streaming giant agrees to fund our industry to the tune of $40 million. A historic deal that Disney… simply refuses.

To defend its multinational interests, Disney threatens France to deprive his fans of theatrical release for Black Panther 2. But is such a situation really possible?

France deprived of Black Panther 2? Not so sure !

Image 3: France deprived of Black Panther 2 at the cinema?
Thor 4 coming soon enough on Blu-Ray and VOD! – Credit: Marvel Studios

Paradoxically, Disney threatens its fans to deprive them of a theatrical release while using them as leverage. Black Panther 2 deprived of cinema? In fact, society has a lot to lose. The first episode made 3.6 million admissions in Franceit is hard to imagine the multinational depriving itself of an entire market that could help it reach the billion mark at the box office.

The historical deal mentioned above having taken place in February 2022, it is difficult to believe in a new discussion just for Disney’s beautiful eyes. As for Black Panther 2in the event of a theatrical release, Blu-Ray and VOD will be offered very quickly afterwards, as always.

For instance, Thor 4 was released on July 13 in France with a Blu-Ray/VOD scheduled for November 11. That is only 4 months after the cinema broadcast. And many French rooms still offer the blockbuster of the Nordic god! You can verify list of sessions in all of France. We have seen worse in terms of lack of accessibility.

Despite pressure from Disney, the media timeline is not likely to change for a foreign company. It’s hard to imagine the system alienating France Télévisions, Canal+, exhibitors and industry employees to satisfy the entertainment giant!

The media timeline can be discussed and questioned on many points. But not for the benefit of an American company for the sole purpose… of having a film on Disney+ more quickly!

Source : WGTC

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