France has an incredible talent: a world novelty for season 17

For season 17 of France has an unbelievable talentsoon to be broadcast on M6, the production has come up with an unprecedented rule if the jury cannot agree on the fate of a candidate on the show.

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Unheard of in the show’s history! In the coming weeks, M6 will offer the 17th edition of France has an unbelievable talent. For this new season, viewers will find Karine Le Marchand at the presentation and on the jury side, Eric Antoine, Hélène Ségara, Marianne James and Sugar Sammy will be back for a fifth consecutive year. Main novelty this year: a rule never before seen in other versions of the program in the world and which will allow the public to have a role in the selection of candidates…

This world novelty will undermine the jury of France has an unbelievable talent !

After 16 seasons, it’s not always easy to renew. Fremantle, the company that produces France has an unbelievable talentsince 2006, therefore decided to invent a rule to add suspense and bring freshness to the mechanics of the game. From now on, during the auditions, if the four members of the jury are divided – two “yes” and two “no” – in front of a candidate, the public will be able to intervene and make their voices heard. Of the 700 spectators present in the theatre, a panel of 100 people was selected during filming to vote only during performances using a box. The result is revealed only in the event of an impasse and makes it possible to decide for or against the artist on stage.

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The other novelties of the 2022 edition

This season, other changes have been made to the program. For half a day, the jury was able to attend several outdoor acts, including performances at more than 60 m in height. Another development: the candidates’ rehearsal room has been transformed into a play area of ​​more than 180 m² for Karine Le Marchand, when she interviews them, in order to test the disciplines. Finally, during the second part of the evening, Pierre-Antoine Damecour, who has been hosting since 2020, will offer a new sequence in which he will go in search of new talent in the street.

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