France: he had killed his wife, an Algerian receives heavy sentences

A simple disagreement or a lack of communication can cause serious problems in a couple. In fact, while some people separate as a result of such couple problems, others experience conjugal violence from the spouse.

This is the case of Safia and Merzouk Oujdi, two Algerian nationals, both ages 41 and 32 at the time. And parents of four children, this family resides in Bordeaux, France. Unfortunately, the union of this family did not last long, indeed, following couple problems, Merzouk ended up killing his wife Safia.

The facts date back to October 2019. The father of the family was arrested after fleeing, following the assassination of his wife. As a reminder, the latter was discovered dead with a knife planted in the chest and wounds caused by a knife.

Moreover, in the face of justice, Merzouk let it be known that he had killed his wife following a raised voice and that his act was not premeditated. A few months earlier, Safia had already filed several complaints for domestic violence, something her murderer had denied at the time.

A heavy criminal sentence

Last week, Merzouk Oujdi was again brought before the courts. And this to be judged and pay the result of his act. His eldest daughter, aged 13, was also present at the bar during the last trial. Indeed, she made it known that her mother was an example of love and dedication. And this, unlike their father who often shows violence towards his wife. Who, worked as a housekeeper.

Isabelle Desmoulins, the lawyer who defends the interests of the four children, did not hesitate to share her regret. And this, in the face of the non-intervention of the police following the complaints filed by the victim. “We could have avoided this fatal outcome,” she said, reports France Bleu.

At the end of this trial, the assizes of Girondes pronounced 25 years of criminal imprisonment. Accompanied by a withdrawal of his parental authority over his children and a ban on French territory. As a reminder, following the assassination of their mother, the four children were placed in foster care.

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