France: he refuses the PCR test, an Algerian heavily condemned

Many are the Algerians who join France, in the hope of a better future. However, faced with the expiry of their residence permit, they find themselves living illegally in the shadows, making do with a very small salary; who cannot even meet their basic needs.

This is the case of this Algerian by the name of Kery. The latter has left Algeria to join the French territory, in February 2019, where he settled in the city of Marseille. However, faced with the harsh reality of life, Kery has found himself living on the little he earns in his black business as a painter. A salary that barely allows him to pay his rent.

Faced with an OQTF, he refuses to submit a PCR test

Indeed, faced with the harshness of life, Kery decided to follow the path of misdemeanors. Thing that is done, he connects the convictions, in particular for theft, carrying weapons or for degradation of the property of others. This prompted French justice to impose an obligation on him to leave French territory.

Pursuant to this decision, the services concerned reserved several flights to Algeria, to expel Kery. However, on many occasions (including May 5 and 21, last June in Essonne), the latter backtracked and refused to submit to a PCR test without any valid reason.

Following such behavior, the court in charge of his case decided, on June 15, despite the torture of this defendant, to sentence him to three months in prison associated with a warrant of committal and a ban from French territory of up to at three years old.

An Algerian sentenced for a sham marriage in France

Let’s stay in the same register, that of trying everything to avoid expulsion from French territory. Another Algerian was sentenced on June 15, 2022 by the Belfort court, and for good reason? A white wedding. Indeed, aged 35, this Algerian had recourse to a white wedding with an 18-year-old French girl.

The facts go back to 2019, following the expiration of his residence permit, he found no other way to stay in France, than to marry a French woman. However, time makes the latter regret this union four years later.

Moreover, by informing her spouse of her decision to break up, the latter showed her a categorical refusal. This prompted the young woman to appeal to justice to remedy the situation. Indeed, this is what happened, the Algerian was given a year’s suspended prison sentence and a ban on French territory for a period of five years.

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