France: known in the medical field, the unusual story of an Algerian scammer

Cases of theft whose culprits are Algerians are not lacking in France. Between minors who try to steal some expensive accessories to feed themselves and undocumented migrants who attack their victims to scratch a few euros, we have seen all kinds. However, this story is a little different.

The author? it’s Mohammed M, a 63-year-old Algerian. A gentleman, fluent in speech, charismatic… the ideal profile whom, in general, we trust in the professional environment. However, Mohammed is far from the perfect medical employee.

Because, indeed, this Algerian is responsible for several flights in France, but not the least. This one targets the most expensive medical materials. It is, in particular, question of endoscopes. Equipped with a fake doctor’s card, he managed to harm several hospitals in France, such as the clinic in Castelnau-le-Lez. This allowed him to exercise this “function” for more than twenty years.

Serial thief of endoscopes or Arsène Lupin, he robs hospitals

Known in the medical world as the “Serial endoscope thief” or even “the Arsène Lupin of hospitals”, Mohammed draws his plans well. In the past, he managed to steal more than 300,000 euros worth of equipment from the Castelnau-le-Lez clinic. Indeed, about ten endoscopes were discovered by the SRPJ; concealed in suitcases of this crook but also in safes inside this same clinic.

Following which, this theft professional was arrested after having damaged seven other hospitals in the region. In addition, Mohammed is also accused of several other thefts that occurred in 2012 and 2022, in the Hauts-de-France region. The amount of this incident is estimated by the investigators of the SRPJ at three million euros.

However, this atypical career of Mohammed dates back to an earlier time. More precisely in 1998, where he was the object of the theft of one of about fifteen endoscopes. To succeed in his plans, this scammer disguises himself as a thrift store salesman. Even after five years in prison following similar events dating from 2001, this defendant has not given up on his career.

Three years in prison for the career of a crook

Arrested in the south of France during his last operation, this Algerian did not escape justice, as he is used to doing. Indeed, passed before the judicial court of Montluçon, he is accused of transferring all the stolen equipment to Algeria.

Indeed, during his trial, the Algerian did not deny the accusation. During the auditions, according to La Montagne, he declared having sold at 530 euros each, at the time. On the other hand, the judge in charge of his case pronounced three years of firm imprisonment against Mohammed .M.

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