France team: collective image rights, withdrawals and injuries … What to remember from Didier Deschamps’ press conference before France-Austria

This is the traditional speech before the meetings of the Blues. Present at a press conference before the match against Austria, Wednesday, September 21, the coach of the Blues returned to the extra-sporting affairs that have shaken Clairefontaine in recent days. But he also spoke about the many absences in his group and the importance of the meeting two months from the World Cup.

Asked about the “fight” led by Kylian Mbappé for the group’s collective image rights, the coach assured that this was nothing new: “It has always been like this, always. There are exchanges, discussions to reach common agreements where the interests of each other are taken into account.” A little earlier, his captain Raphaël Varane had also returned to the case, defending a “simple, logical and legitimate request”. “As a group, we want to ensure that each player’s individual image rights are respected. […] We hope this will be resolved as soon as possible.”he explained.

Didier Deschamps has placed himself in a position of mediator between all the stakeholders: “I’m here to make sure that everyone can find common ground, the players, the institution. It’s also important on the side of the partners, who are essential for the proper functioning.”

The coach, on the other hand, declared that he was not interested in the external context, outside his group. “I focus on what happens internally”he assured. “I’m cut off from the outside world. I’m interested in what I see and what to do with my players, as usual […] I stay on my sporting objective, because it is my field.

Deschamps finally returned to the cascade of packages that affected his group, without wanting to dramatize the situation. “We have injuries, the other teams too, we may be a little more”he estimated. “But that’s not what will make me change. The approach is the same, to put the individual players in the best position to be the most dangerous”he added.

Especially since the gathering is important, two months before the launch of the World Cup. “These are the last two games before the huge challenge of November”he admitted. “We can only hope that the situation in terms of sport and injuries will not be the same as today”he concluded.

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