France team: Mbapp? wins his showdown against the FFF!

After Kylian Mbapp’s pressure, the French Football Federation was quick to react. While the Blues striker was preparing to boycott the photo session scheduled for Tuesday, the body, initially opposed to the idea of ​​an agreement before the 2022 World Cup, finally announced an unblocking of the discussions.

Kylian Mbapp won the case.

The standoff did not last very long. In discussion with the French Football Federation about international image rights, Kylian Mbapp’s entourage put pressure on Monday.

After last season’s boycott, the France striker said he wouldn’t attend the photo shoot on Tuesday either.

The Grat gains credibility

No doubt a response to the position of President Nol Le Grat, who had just affirmed that it was impossible to change the convention before the 2022 World Cup.

But we have to believe that the tricolor football boss has found a solution as if by magic… Because this Monday evening, the body announces discussions are on the right track. After conclusive exchanges in the presence of the executives of the French team, the president, the coach and a marketing manager, the FFF undertakes to revise, as soon as possible, the convention inherent in image rights which binds its players in selection can we read in the press release.

Mbapp will do well

The FFF is delighted to work on the outlines of a new agreement which will allow it to ensure its interests while taking into consideration the legitimate concerns and convictions expressed unanimously by its players. , concluded the Federation. As a result, L’Equipe tells us that Mbapp will finally be present for the marketing operation on Tuesday. Proof that the Paris Saint-Germain striker has a certain power, moreover in the face of a president facing a difficult context.

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