France: the day Mahrez almost embraced an acting career

The Validé series by French director Franck Gastambide, dedicated to the world of French rap, was a real success in its first season. Recently, the second season landed on Canal +.

For the second season of the series, French actor, director and screenwriter Franck Gastambide said he regretted not being able to give Algerian international Riyad Mahrez a role in his series, report several French media.

Indeed, according to the same sources, Franck is so proud of the work done, however, the director still has one small regret: not having managed to give Riyad Mahrez a role.

Mahrez was supposed to be in season 2 of Valide

“We have friends in common, and during confinement, Riyad Mahrez calls me. He liked the series “, revealed Gastambide at the microphone of the Mouv ‘Rap Club show, adding in this regard:” I said to him: Did you like the series? Well come on, let’s do something “.

Riyad Mahrez was supposed to be in season 2 of Valide, except that he plays for City and we can’t go and shoot there. Until the last moment, we hoped. But in the end, we couldn’t do it, ”said the director.

It is useful to indicate that the Validé series is a great success, given that Franck Gastambide brings together the cream of French rap, like Sam’s, Bosh, Rohff, Kool Shen, Rim’K, Busta Flex, Mac Tyer , but also Take A Mic, Ninho, S.Pri Noir, Gringe and Ninho.

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