France: the “delinquency” of Algerian undocumented migrants strikes again

Abroad, young people are not always the pride of their parents or the country and quickly fall into delinquency, as is the case for a young Algerian in Clermont-Ferrand in the department of Puy-du-Dôme.

Arrived illegally in France and originally from Annaba, the 18-year-old author of several crimes pretends to be a minor. Placed under a committal warrant and sentenced, he lies about his age and gives inconsistent information about him to the police, who decide to perform a bone examination. The young person is therefore of age and will be judged as such. He was arrested on the evening of October 5, in the process of assaulting a young woman, even with a bleeding wound on the head, the young woman in question refuses to file a complaint or to go see a forensic doctor.

Following an investigation by the Clermont-Ferrand police, it turns out that the young Algerian is involved in two other cases of the same day, namely an attempted theft from a trailer (theft from a car) and the concealment of a laptop, stolen from another car.
Despite the fact that the young person in question has denied everything with which he was accused, he takes 8 months in prison, Anne-Claire Garraud, public prosecutor claims to have no doubts about his guilt, his age and his identity.

Delinquency of illegal Algerians in Europe

Unfortunately, Algerian undocumented migrants arrive en masse in Europe and find themselves increasingly involved in delinquency. As was the case for a young Algerian in Spain.

The 19-year-old offender is already a repeat offender. Arrested nine times, he is accused of theft with violence and intimidation, obstruction of justice, theft and home invasion. He was recently spotted and arrested by police after trying to break into an apartment he had previously burned down.

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