France: the Flers mosque targeted by Islamophobic tags

In France, the Muslim community faces growing Islamophobia. Taking different forms, these Islamophobic acts can take the form of discrimination, anti-Muslim remarks, arson, or even in the form of Islamophobic tags inscribed on the walls of a place of worship.

Indeed, this is what happened at the Flers mosque on the night of Saturday to Sunday, November 20. The facts would have taken place between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. Very early in the morning, the faithful of this mosque. But also the Flériens discovered neo-Nazi tags and Islamophobic and racist insults written on the exterior walls of this place of worship.

The mosque of Flers in France tagged with Islamophobic insults

Signed “Divisions Charlemagne”, many racist tags appeared on the walls of the Flers mosque on Sunday morning. These tags like “Islam outside Europe“, were inscribed with black paint, seven meters long and two meters high.

In addition, to support the Muslim community of Flers, Yves Goasdoué the mayor of Flers, moved there at the end of the morning. The prefect of Orne also expressed his support for the Muslim community. In particular, by announcing the strengthening of patrols around places of worship. And this, to raise the level of security in these establishments.

For his part, the French Minister of the Interior did not remain on the sidelines of this incident. Indeed, through a tweet, Gérald Darmanin announced the opening of an investigation to determine the circumstances of this case. In addition, Darmanin made it known that he condemns these anti-Muslim insults.

As a reminder, this mosque is not the only one to suffer acts of Islamophobia in France. Last September, the Rambouillet mosque in Yvelines was the subject of an arson attack which caused significant material losses for this place of worship.

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