France’s 2022 weather looks like this dystopian 2050 prediction

A predictive map of 2050, which may have seemed unrealistic to the public when it was released in 2015, is very close to the abnormal heat episode that we are experiencing in June 2022. It is time that the reality of global warming was really taken into account.

August 2050. It is 40 degrees in Paris, 30 degrees in Nantes, 36 degrees in Marseille, 39 degrees in Tarbes, 42 degrees in Lyon, 26 degrees in Brest. These are the temperatures predicted by a futuristic weather map, presented by Évelyne Dhéliat in 2015. This fake bulletin aimed to raise awareness of the consequences of global warming, which is caused by human activities.

Fake weather forecast for 2050. // Source: Météo France

But it is now June 16, 2022 and this weather is our reality. A feather of heat affects France all week (and in particular this weekend). This heat wave phase is largely out of the ordinary and climatologists link it largely to climate change. It is not the first time in this decade, nor the last.

The forecast for 2050 is already close to 2022

When comparing Évelyne Dhéliat’s fake 2050 map with the Météo-France forecast for Saturday June 18, 2022, the parallel is striking:

And we realize all the more this proximity by comparing the maps city by city. Some points on the report card remain lower, but others are equivalent or even higher. Pretty much, the map for Saturday June 18, 2022 could very well have been the one broadcast by Évelyne Dhéliat during her predictive weather forecast.

Fake weather of 2050 vs. Weather forecast for Saturday June 18, 2022. // Source: Météo-France

In the future, and as we are already feeling summer after summer, this type of episodes of very high heat above normal for the season are set to recur and their frequency to increase. The number of people exposed to extreme temperatures is exploding around the world. Countries like Pakistan in 2022, or Canada in 2021, suffered record heat waves. This is the result of climate change: the planet is warming and extreme weather events are increasing.

It is not only a rise in temperatures, but also a time lag – hence the notion of “upheaval” of the climate. The fake weather was set in August, where this very real heat plume takes place in mid-June. Heat like the one we are experiencing today is therefore all the more abnormal on these dates. This is not without consequences, because, as Public Health France pointed out this week, the heat wave alert is all the more important since at this stage of the season, our bodies are not used to such heat.

In 2015, during COP 21 in Paris, the World Meteorological Organization asked a weather presenter from each country to write the weather report for 2050. And I had the honor of doing it for France », said Évelyne Dhéliat about this predictive map, during a interview in 2019 during a previous heat wave. ” At the time, I thought the temperatures we had worked out with Météo France were crazy, because they reached 40 degrees in France. But on July 25, 2019, we smashed the forecast with 42.6 degrees in Paris. »

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