François (Koh-Lanta) his big announcement in the middle of the final!

On the set of the final that he won alongside Bastien, the adventurer François announced that he was expecting a happy event for the fall.

Parties Koh Lanta Tuesday evening on TF1, it’s over for this year. This June 21, the edition of Cursed Totem came to an end with an extraordinary finale. Indeed, at the end of the post test, it was not two but three finalists who had the chance to qualify for the vote of the final jury. Indeed, Géraldine, the winner of the event, had, as usual, the mission of choosing an adventurer to take to the grand finale in Paris. It is then towards Francis that she turned. He himself then had to make a choice and selected Bastien. The new rule announced by Denis Brogniart was good for these two adventurers since it was ultimately them who won the game.

“For the beginning of November”

After 40 days of adventure, the two young men received the same number of votes from the final jury and were therefore both crowned winners of the adventure. An event that will certainly change their lives. But for François, the life changes don’t stop there. Accompanied on the set of the final by his companion Sophie, the firefighter announced that he was expecting his first child. “A happy event planned for the beginning of November so we are delighted, and it’s a good return to adventure“, he confirmed to the host of TF1 in front of all his comrades. With the recent birth of Freddy Boucher’s son and Alexandra’s pregnancy, the game’s family continues to grow!

François, a contested candidate

Between this birth to come and the double victory, these are therefore two surprises that viewers had this Tuesday evening. Upheavals which will, however, probably not make some people forget that the presence of François on this edition was disputed. Indeed, before the shooting, François had been indicted for manslaughter in the context of his job as a firefighter. A firefighter had died during a forest fire in 2016. Inappropriate or contradictory orders would have been given, in addition to a lack of training and obsolete equipment. The very presence of Francois in the game, while completely legal, was already deemed inadmissible by a number of firefighters. Not sure that this victory and this announcement are seen with a very good eye.

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