Freddie Mercury was booed in Mexico; he was also tried for his sexuality does that sound familiar to you?

As much as the world changes, it does not advance. These days we saw how the public booed the firm group when he appeared at halftime of a game of the nfl. Those who attend these kinds of sporting events don’t like the regional Mexican genre, say those who know, but that doesn’t even justify the whining.

Also in the sports environment, in the midst of the furor over the Soccer World Cup which is celebrated in Qatar, The hosts made it clear that in their country the world must respect their rules, especially when it comes to making sentimental statements in public, especially if these statements are between people of the same sex. This includes hiding any garment that bears the colors of the rainbow, subject to facing the sanctions provided to punish such offenses, since being homosexual in those lands is considered a serious offense.

Both situations were experienced by the singer Freddie Mercury, lead singer of Queenthe greatest English-language band of all time, on whose death Today is 31 years old.

$!On November 25, 1991, the press announced the death of Freddie Mercury.  (PHOTO: INTERNET)

On November 25, 1991, the press announced the death of Freddie Mercury. (PHOTO: INTERNET)

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In 1981 the group What in He had nine concerts planned in our country, of which he only did three due to the misconduct of the Mexican public. In October of that year the quartet appeared in Monterrey, Puebla and Mexico City; It was in town lands where Freddie Mercury, John Deacon, Roger Taylor and Brian May had a disagreement with the public because the singer of “Love of my life” he spat water at the spectators, as he used to do at his concerts, which was not funny to the fans, whose disgust increased when the band wore charro hats, a fact that was interpreted as a mockery of the stereotype of Mexicans.

$! In 1981 was Queen's debut and farewell in Mexico.  (PHOTO: INTERNET)

In 1981 it was the debut and farewell of Queen in Mexico. (PHOTO: INTERNET)

To express his displeasure, the respectable threw shoes on stage and one hit the bassist John Deacon. The band rushed to close the concert and Freddy Mercury he said goodbye saying: Thank you very much Puebla! Mexico thank you for the shoes, adiós amigos, mother fuckers, good bye, you bunch of tacos!

In Monterey They fared no better, as it is known that rock stars became intoxicated after eating something in poor condition in the dressing rooms of the university stadium, where his first concert was. That was the first and last time What in was in Mexico.

On November 23, 1991, Freddy Mercury issued a statement in which he reported that he suffered from AIDS: “In view of the enormous press attention that has been given to the matter in the last two weeks, I wish to confirm that I have tested positive for HIV and therefore have AIDS. I thought it was appropriate to keep this situation a secret until now to get the peace of mind of those around me, but the time has come for my friends and fans around the world to know the truth and together with the doctors help me in the battle against this terrible disease. ”. The next day the death of Freddy Mercury when the lack of knowledge about the prevention of AIDS It turned the disease into an epidemic that, in addition to physical death, was equivalent to social annihilation for the victims because it was related to the exercise of sexuality.

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