Frederik and Mary’s private picture – you’ve never seen them before

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary give an insight into their private lives with the children. See the unusual picture from their home!

Huge gap between Joachim and Frederik in Denmark!

After the commercial: Huge gap between Joachim and Frederik in Denmark!


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Crown Prince Frederik, 54, and Crown Princess Mary, 50, have just made it through an intense fall of controversy resolved by each other.

There are few who have missed that there was a lot of talk and discord in and around the Danish royal family after Queen Margrethe stripped Frederik’s little brother Prince Joachim’s children of their titles.

After the New Year, only the Crown Prince’s children Prince Christian, Princess Isabella and the twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine have royal titles.

The disagreement has subsided – or has it?

So now the whole family seems to be able to meet again – at least when they have the public eye on them…

Recently, Queen Margrethe’s 50 years on the throne was celebrated again with a royal official lunch at the city hall in Copenhagen. Present were Prince Joachim and his Marie and the Crown Prince couple.

Mary’s revelation about private life with Frederik – after the difficult times: “Became inspired too”

Sharing the image at home: Prince Vincent has a popcorn party

We are so used to seeing the Crown Prince family in connection with luxury and flair. It is easy to think that it is always pomp and circumstance that applies to royalty.

The new picture shared on the Danish royal house’s Instagram proves that Frederik and Mary are a seemingly ordinary family.

They like to relax on the sofa on a Sunday – just like the rest of us.

How adorable is the family dog?

“We are ready for the EC final. Now is the time!” is written to the image.

In the picture, we can see Prince Vincent, 11 years old, benched in front of a crucial handball match with a big bowl of popcorn. It is the Danish women’s national team that meets the Norwegian handball team, it says Image The magazine.

There was thus no win for the Danes, something that did not stop the Crown Prince’s family from praising the national team. They were very proud of the team’s performance and a silver.

“Hats off to the Danish women’s national team in handball! After a real fight, they have delivered only to the end” is written in a subsequent post.

The shock news! The prince resigns – flees the country after the split

Photo: TT

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