Fredrik Reinfeldt’s heartbreak – separating from Roberta Alenius

Fredrik Reinfeldt's love grief - differs from Roberta Alenius

Separating after seven years as a couple…

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Former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, 56, separates after a seven-year relationship with Roberta Alenius, 44.

“It is true that we separated. We started as good friends, have always been and have come to the conclusion that this is what we shall continue to be,” writes Roberta Alenius in an email to The Express.

The couple worked together during Fredrik’s years as prime minister. Roberta was the former prime minister’s press manager and it was also through work that love arose.

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A love that arose at work

Fredrik Reinfeldt has previously spoken about the beginning of love.

“Roberta and I have been colleagues for many years. It has gradually turned into a deep friendship. I don’t know where it is for us now, but Roberta is a fantastic woman”, wrote the Prime Minister many years ago to Expressen.

In 2015, the relationship was confirmed, which thus lasted for seven years. The couple has a common child together.

According to the express, the two have not lived together for several months.

Photo: Eero Hannukainen/TT

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