Free at Epic – For whom is the new game gift worthwhile?

Not a week without a new free gift in the Epic Store: This week there is another game for you for free. In the spirit of Halloween, an exaggerated spectacle awaits you this time in the form of the zombie game Stubbs the Zombie.

The campaign runs from October 14-21, 2021. If Stubbs the Zombie wanders into your Epic library during this period, it will be yours permanently. As usual, we will introduce you to the free game in more detail below and clarify who should have fun with it.

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That’s what Stubbs the Zombie is all about

Zombies are represented in many games, but almost always only as opponents. Yet the poor fellows simply have needs that they want to satisfy – slurping their brains, gnawing bones, pounding locked doors every now and then. This game finally turns the tables.

The year is 1959. The town of Punchbowl embodies a utopia of progress and happiness. Here the satisfied city dwellers run through their futuristic streets and enjoy life. But Stubbs, the zombie, wants to put an end to this idyll. His goal: to turn all residents into brain eater and thus create an ever larger entourage!

Stubbs the Zombie – View screenshots from the zombie spectacle

In order for Stubbs to achieve his goal, he has three options to take care of his victims: eat the brain, kill them or tear off limbs. He also has various special attacks to make his campaign more amusing: He can secrete a deadly fart, bow his explosive head and throw entrails.

From then on, the victims themselves shuffle through the city as zombies and throw themselves at the defending population, above all the advancing police. Assuming a correspondingly large zombie army, Stubbs can even withdraw completely from the action and spread chaos elsewhere undisturbed.

The trailer clearly shows you how the whole thing looks in motion:

Stubbs the Zombie – Trailer for the wacky zombie spectacle

Who is the game worthwhile for?

You already notice: Stubbs the Zombie is not a serious game – and not one that is characterized by long-term motivation in the player. As fun as the beginning may be, you will soon notice that you are actually always doing the same thing. Even the look, which was already dusty for the 2005 release, is no longer tearing up trees.

But: It’s about zombies! Brains! If you only slightly share our preference for the subtly smelly meat sacks, you shouldn’t miss out on Stubbs the Zombie. By the way, GameStar Plus readers can read through the original test from the 02/2006 issue to form further opinions.

This will take you directly to Stubbs the Zombie in the Epic Games Store

on Steam can the grotesque spectacle convince most players (whether there are a few zombies hidden underneath?), which results in a “very positive” rating from 791 reviews. on Metacritic the game still has an average score of 72 points.

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