Free games on PC: educational apps and survival horror in the unusual combination of Epic gifts

With the availability of the new free games of the week on the Epic Store, the curators of the Epic digital store unveil the titles that will be offered at zero euros in a few days, surprising us with an unusual combination of interactive experiences.

Let’s start with the most recent weekly offer to remind you that from today, Thursday 25 November, it is possible to redeem a free copy of the basic version of the hunting simulator theHunter Call of the Wild and access the Antstream Welcome Pack, a streaming platform for the enjoyment of many arcade video games and retrogaming experiences to be enjoyed both in single and multiplayer.

The deadline for obtaining a zero-euro copy of the two titles in question will expire at hours 4:59 pm on Thursday 2 December, due to the weekly rotation of free games on the Epic Store which usually takes place at 17:00 every Thursday.

The next round of gifts on the Epic Games Store will be dedicated to While True Learn () and Dead by Daylight: the first title of the lot is a puzzle developed by that simulates modern programming languages ​​to encourage the youngest and the curious to learn about the functioning of technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and the phenomena that govern the Big Data sector.

Far more famous is Dead by Daylight, the asymmetrical multiplayer of Behavior Interactive which sees four Survivors working together to break down or escape from the clutches of a Killer from the most iconic splatter films and international folklore, such as the ruthless assassin Carmina Mora of the Portrait of Chapter. a Murder launched in early November.

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