Free PC Games: Epic Games gives away a Game of Thrones title and a simulator

This week has already been packed with new free games to redeem on PC, but the Epic Games Store touch was still missing. From 2018 to today, there have been countless games given away by the Epic store, and among the great pieces of the video game and pearls of rare beauty, users are able to expand their digital playroom more and more. Also today Epic Games gives us a couple of experiences that will appeal to lovers of board games and simulators.

The first of the two free games of the week is A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Digital Edition, which as the title suggests re-proposes the board game inspired by the Iron Throne in a digital edition. If you are a lover of strategy games and videogame experiences drawn from the most famous board games, know that you can make this title on the Game of Thrones yours for free at this address.

The second free game of the week courtesy of the Epic Games Store is Car Mechanic Simulator 2018, a mechanic simulator that will be able to fulfill the dreams of those who have always wanted to open their own workshop. In this title you will have to build and expand your repair service empire in an incredibly detailed and extremely realistic simulator, in which the attention to details of the car is amazing. You can also redeem this title at following address.

This pairing of free games of the week will also be redeemable at no cost until next Thursday. For the next free titles, however, we will have to wait until next week, when the Epic store will once again make one or more free games available.

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