Free tarot for today October 14, 2021 How will it go according to the horoscope?

According to the reading of the tarot cardsThis is what fate has in store for you this Thursday, October 14, in matters of love, humor and profession. This is the best way to start all your days, so you cannot miss the predictions of today’s horoscope and The Truth News brings you your prediction.

Aries, this is your tarot reading

The planetary configuration marks a celestial event where emotions are important. In your case, this astral energy represents a concentration on your home and family life. Take into account elements of this field that need a renovation or to be reconsidered. This is the time to leave unwanted luggage behind to make room for something new. Make a plan for the rest of the month where you establish new rules around the house that are accepted by family members.

Taurus, this is your tarot reading

Let your romantic nature take over. Astral energy marks a time of new beginnings in which you can eliminate old habits and establish new ones. Your concentration at this time should be on your romantic and sentimental side that indulges your childish behavior and lighthearted jokes. You have a lot of love to share.

Gemini, this is your tarot reading

Today’s energy is about new beginnings. Astral energy offers you a chance to start over in your personal relationship zone and the way you present yourself to the outside world. Buy yourself a new outfit for your wardrobe and make a plan to maintain your appearance in order to always make a good impression. There is a lot of energy in the air that is used to start things, this will help you a lot to launch any new project you want to start.

Cancer, this is your tarot reading

With this heavenly energy, emotions will resurface. As for you, this will mean a time when your thoughts will pursue noble questions, and you will explore your philosophical side to find solutions to the world’s greatest problems. Make sure you start with the person who reflects you in the mirror first before going out to solve the world’s problems.

Cancer, this is your tarot reading

Leo, this is your tarot reading

Today you will feel like you are on top of the world thanks to the celestial energy at work. Your mood will be upbeat and you will have a positive attitude about everything. Your passions will also be strong, therefore you will want to plan a special evening with your partner. You will feel the urge to have intimacy and contact at this very moment, look for it! Move the floor to that special person by wasting tenderness and affection.

Virgo, this is your tarot reading

This is an important day when you should focus on a new regimen to improve your overall physical health. Use this power at work to plant seeds that will grow to flower with just a little loving attention. You could run a new diet or exercise routine. The current astral event offers an ideal time to break old habits and establish new ones. Be mindful of the decisions you make right now as they will set a precedent for the next month.

Libra, this is your tarot reading

The astral bodies are changing. As far as you are concerned, this heavenly event focuses on relationships and what you can do to balance what you give and what you receive from each of your peers. As the astral bodies mutate, you will become aware of the intense emotional state that you share with the people around you.

Scorpion, this is your tarot reading

Astral energy asks you to open a bottle of champagne when you see the departure of old problems. This also indicates a need to focus on communication and how you can improve conditions with the people you associate with. There are many intense emotions in the air that you must deeply respect.

Scorpion, this is your tarot reading

Sagittarius, this is your tarot reading

Astral energy at work asks you to analyze yourself deeply and be aware of how your actions affect the people around you. Today shared resources are a big problem. You must focus on your part of the equation to maintain balance in your relationship with others. It is also time to start new projects.

Capricorn, this is your tarot reading

Today you will feel a strengthened dream state. During this heavenly event, you will experience an emotional rebirth. Use the celestial energy to define a renewed course of affection in relation to the course of your career and to society in general. Find out where you can make improvements in your life, and head in the direction of this new direction.

Aquarius, this is your tarot reading

A heavenly event has begun in which you will have the opportunity to discard old baggage in order to incorporate new ideas. There is a lot of emotional intensity in the air, and you should use this energy to deepen your relationships with others. As for you, astral energy will encourage you to focus on your connection with those close to you on an intellectual level. All group activities are highly favored.

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Pisces, this is your tarot reading

Today focus on your finances and keep track of your personal resources. With this heavenly energy, you have the opportunity to establish a course of action and new habits in the area of ​​finances. Make a budget and stick to it. In the same way, be honest about your financial situation and maintain a healthy balance between pleasure and discipline.

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