Free Tarot for today Tuesday, November 22, 2022. How will you do according to the horoscope?

According to the reading of the tarot cardsThis is what fate has in store for you today, Tuesday, November 22, in matters of love, humor, and profession. This is the best way to start every day, so you can’t miss the predictions of horoscope of today and The Truth News brings you your prediction.

Aries, this is your tarot reading

The horizon is clouded with doubt. You feel the frustrations caused by the recent decisions about your love life. In other words, you are having doubts! Today you must resort to your willpower and self-control to face your problems realistically while defeating your anxieties.

Taurus, this is your tarot reading

The atmosphere is stifling and heavy today. Some disappointments will crop up here and there if you have to test your faculties in any way, be it in private or at work. There is a certain probability that you feel anger towards someone important to you. Don’t give in to your negative feelings too quickly. It would be bad for your morale.


Taurus, this is your tarot reading

Gemini, this is your tarot reading

In recent days you have made the resolution to work constantly, seek stability and follow your plans to the letter. So the day that awaits you will be an unpleasant surprise. You can expect to receive news that challenges the rigid program you have established or meet people who are determined to discourage you. Overcome these obstacles or they will overtake you.

Cancer, this is your tarot reading

Today you may feel some anxiety about the future. It can feel like your strength is waning, especially if you have a deadline. You need challenges to assert yourself. Now is the time to start getting in shape. Doubt is extremely counterproductive. You have everything it takes to be successful!

Leo, this is your tarot reading

There may be some worries that bother you. Perhaps you have a financial interest or a minor health problem. Don’t let that put you off. You have the inner resources to overcome it. Although the current state of affairs makes you feel sad, your optimism will return soon. Until then, put your trust in other values, such as love, friendship and faith.

Virgo, this is your tarot reading

You may feel sluggish and a bit moody, as if you have an energy deficit. But today’s oppressive environment will also lend objectivity and reality to any analysis you make of what is happening in your life. For example, any issue that fails to spark your enthusiasm will probably need some changes.

Libra, this is your tarot reading

The mood is somewhat oppressive today. If you could, you would send away anyone who tries to put obstacles in your way. Or maybe you’d rather be the one to go! The day ahead is appropriate for a realistic examination of things. How far do you think you can go with your individual, emotional and professional potential?


Libra, this is your tarot reading

Scorpio, this is your tarot reading

You have decided to attract attention! Suddenly, it’s obvious that you’re not as well as you should be. It’s time to put your self-discipline to work. You can change your work methods, take more care of your money or diversify your activities. Maybe you will reorganize your work team. All kinds of solutions are available to you.

Sagittarius, this is your tarot reading

Career or family? Social recognition or personal satisfaction? You may feel that two opposite poles are pulling you and that you spend most of the day searching for answers to these questions. Now you’re trying to keep all your bases covered, but the exhaustion you feel on days like this is an indication that some prudent and realistic changes are needed for the future.

Capricorn, this is your tarot reading

You are going to have to deal with some internal and external conflicts. Often you are so happy in your own dreams that you don’t really focus on what is happening in the real world. But today the alarm bells that concern work or finances wake you up abruptly. It is useless to panic. You have learned that running away only makes the situation worse.

Aquarius, this is your tarot reading

Apparently, today and the last few days you have been accumulating internal tension with no way out. As a result, you have little staying power. In fact, if someone is unfortunate enough to provoke your anger by criticizing you or your work, you may explode. A storm is brewing! Try to resist as long as you can.

Pisces, this is your tarot reading

A certain decision means that you have reached a turning point. The hardest part of making this decision is saying goodbye to your old habits. The past can seem nice and reassuring, especially when the unknown approaches. You have to have strength and determination to leave it behind. But whether it’s your career or your love life, you have personal goals that cannot be sacrificed or denied.

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