French Days 2022: The reference Crucial 1 TB SSD is on sale at the miniature price of €89

News good deal French Days 2022: The reference Crucial 1 TB SSD is on sale at the miniature price of €89

The French Days 2022 are in full swing, and the Cdiscount brand is also riding the wave with ever more attractive promotions on many products. Today, it was a SATA SSD that caught our attention, with its 1TB capacity offered at a really low price. Ideal for gamers who want to modernize their PC, or for those looking to make a dedicated video game disc at a lower cost.

French Days 2022: the Crucial MX 50 SATA SSD at €87!

We are not going to paint you a picture, you probably already know that the price of SSD storage space is particularly expensive. Performance comes at a price, and in the case of SSDs it is relatively high, especially as the device performs better.

It is for this reason that most of the products that can be purchased often have a fairly low storage space, the manufacturers wanting to offer their products as cheaply as possible. Thus most portable PCs are sold with 512 GB of space, just like video game consoles which have a similar or equivalent capacity.

Fortunately, with the French Days, promotions have run out, and prices tend to drop. This is the case for this Crucial MX500 SATA SSD. When it was released, this product was displayed at 99€. it has since gone down to the observed price of €95 (the price over the last 30 days), but thanks to the French Days promotions, the ticket is now down to €89! €89 for 1TB of SSD memory, as much to tell you that this is probably one of the lowest prices at the moment. And yet, at this price, we are entitled to a quality product.

Buy the MX500 at 87€ at Cdiscount

French Days 2022: a perfect 1TB SSD for video games at €87

We grant you, the fashion is more for M.2 SSDs. You know, it’s about those strips that offer maximum performance for a minimum footprint. Nevertheless, the price of these models is often prohibitive, while the motherboards do not necessarily have a slot to accommodate them, especially if you have a somewhat old machine.

The alternative is therefore on the side of SATA SSDs in 2.5 format. These are the first models that arrived on the market (in 2010 if I remember correctly). And if the performances are largely exceeded, they remain infinitely superior to what the best magnetic hard disks (the traditional HDDs) can offer. Clearly, to boost your PC, or to make you an SSD dedicated to video games with a large capacity at an attractive price, these SSDs are among the best options.

If the difference in performance is huge on paper, in use, we are talking about a few tens of seconds more on the loading time of a game. Nothing that will transcend your experience, especially given the prices. This MX500 thus offers transfer rates of 560MB/s in reading and 510MB/s in writing, which is quite honorable, especially with 95,000IOPS in reading and 90,000IOPS in writing.

French Days 2022: The reference Crucial 1 TB SSD is on sale at the miniature price of €89

The other advantage is the relative endurance of this SSD, with a 5-year warranty, or 360 TB written. Finally, like all SATA SSDs, all you need is a free SATA port on your motherboard, and a free SATA power pin on a cable coming from the power supply to be able to use it. It is also compatible with older laptops that used 2.5 inch hard drives. Clearly, you can give an old machine a facelift for less than 100€.

Buy the MX500 at 87€ at Cdiscount

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