French model makes us fall in love with her cosplay of Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy

exist cosplayers who are known for the quality of their work, how well their characters look or even for their photo sessions, where they make us feel that they have stepped off the screen; achieving this is clearly not an easy mission for the girls and boys who are dedicated to presenting their versions of some of our favorite characters within the geek world, whether it is video games, anime, movies or anything that comes to mind, It implies a lot of work behind the impressive final result that they give us.

On this occasion, we bring a cosplayer that we have recently found through the networks, and back to one of the most popular cosplay in the world of gaming, it is about Tifa Lockhartone of the protagonists within the video game saga final-fantasyand has become one of the most iconic characters in the world of video game cosplay.

Tifa Lockhartis a girl who in her past drags a sad story, because despite the fact that she manages to get ahead despite the hard tests and adversities that life put at a very young age, but like any hero, that only formed her insurmountable character and a woman who is willing to help her friends to get to the bottom of everything.

And who presents it to us today is acky, a beautiful French model who is extremely talented on camera; you can find it on her account at Instagram official as @acky.foxywhere it has little more than 35 thousand followers and several great cosplay jobs, where the girl shows us some of the cutest cosplay versions we’ve ever seen.

ackysporting straight black hair, along with a two-piece suit, where he wears the classic look of cattailwith a white sleeveless top and a short black skirt that hugs her figure, which is held up with black straps that reach her shoulders, rough industrial-type boots, leather-like gloves above the elbows in a black tone and with details in red with buckles, as well as a slightly marked makeup, which makes her look radiant.

We hope that this cosplay work has been to your liking, any comments let us know through our social networks, and please continue on eGamesNews.

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